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FinTech changes the game. So do we.

We resist easy standards or quick templates and believe in custom and individually tailored solutions for your FinTech business development. From clarifying the idea in the licensing process, preparing documents to communicating and negotiating with public institutions like Bank of Lithuania.

We offer you extensive experience working with and inhouse the largest Scandinavian banks, payment institutions, and technology start-ups. We commit to leading your compliance matters and helping to benefit from it.

Application support
Application support
Legal structuring of the business
Communication and negotiation with institutions
Establishment of the company
Network of partnership
Licensing from A to Z
Preparation of the documentation
Negotiation with business partners
Full scope compliance (IP, Data Protection, AML, Employment, Dispute Resolution, etc.)
Credit and Payments market
Credit and Payments market
Special purpose banks
Crowdfunding Platforms
Electronic money institutions
Payment institutions
P2P platforms
Market in financial instruments
Market in financial instruments
Financial brokerage firms
Financial advisor companies
Management companies