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Don’t gamble on your success.

Full scope professional guidance for startups

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Don‘t gamble on your success.

Full scope professional guidance for FinTech

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About TGS Baltic UP HUB & FIN HUB

TGS Baltic UP HUB and FIN HUB are complex initiatives, which aim at assisting startups and FinTech companies in accelerating their business to the winning position.

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What is RegTech and what is it eaten with?

Any person at least minimally interested in business news cannot fail to notice headings about FinTech. RegTech, meanwhile, is still far away from being a globally trending topic. However, tendencies suggest that these two types of –tech have many points in common, therefore, while surfing the wave of FinTech,...

// October 24, 2019

What should credit, payment, electronic money institutions and investment firms know about updated guidelines on outsourcing?

On 30 September 2019 enter into force most provisions of the Final Report on European Banking Authority (EBA) Draft Guidelines on outsourcing arrangements (hereinafter, “the Guidelines”). The Guidelines replace those issued by the Committee of European Banking Supervisors (CEBS) in 2006 and also incorporate the EBA’s 2017 recommendation on outsourcing...

// September 30, 2019

The most common mistakes startups make

When we come up with an idea, we always believe that it is the best idea we can ever come up with. However, is it or not, to become a real game-changer, you, your team and your startup shall be prepared that from the idea to its implementation –...

// February 28, 2019

Learning from others mistakes – startup legal battles

Startup disputes are not surprising to anyone. When developing a new product, fierce competition on making its access to market exists. In addition, finding the right financing is of primary importance for young startups. Accordingly, it seems natural that both – internal disagreements in the startup between its founders...

// February 28, 2019

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